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Populism and Democratic Deconsolidation

accep-ted Wuttke, A., Gavras, K.; Schoen, H. Have Europeans Grown Tired of Democracy? New Evidence from 18 Consolidated Democracies, 1981-2018. British Journal of Political Science Original article [Open Access], Pre-registration, Pre-Print, Replication material, Shiny Web Application.
2020 Wuttke, A., Schimpf, C.; Schoen, H. When the Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts:
On The Concept and Measurement of Populist Attitudes and Other Multi-dimensional Constructs
American Political Science Review Original article [Open Access], Pre-Print, Replication material, Shiny Web Application.
2020 Wuttke, A., Gavras, K.; Schoen, H. Leader of the Free World or Pioneer in Democracy’s Decline?
Examining the Democratic Deconsolidation Hypothesis on the Mass Level in East and West Germany
Research & Politics Original article [Open Access], Replication material.
2019 Wuttke, A. New political parties through the voters’ eyes West European Politics Pre-Print;
Original article,
Replication Material

Political Motivation: Citizen Engagement with and within Liberal Democracy

accept-ted Wuttke, A. The Pleasure Principle: Why (Some) People Develop a Taste for Politics – Evidence from a pre-registered experiment Politics and the Life Sciences Original article, Pre-registration,  Replication material, Pre-Print.
2019 Wuttke, A. Political engagement’s non-political roots:
Examining the role of need-supportive parenting in the political domain
Motivation and Emotion Original article, Ungated article,  Replication material, Pre-Print.


2017 Wuttke, A. When the world around you is changing: Investigating the Influence of Alienation and Indifference on Voter Turnout in Voters and Voting in Context, Oxford University Press Pre-Print, Book at Oxford Scholarship OnlineOnline-Appendix, replication material
2018 Wuttke, A.; Jungherr, A.; Schoen, H. More than opinion expression: Secondary effects of intra-party referendums on party members Party Politics Study, Pre-Print, Study website, DeFacto blogsurvey data, replication material
  2013 Wuttke, A. Die Prekarität des Partizipations-versprechens der Piratenpartei  in „Protest und Demokratie“, tredition.  Download

Electoral Studies and Political Attitudes

2020 Gärtner, L., Schoen, H., Wuttke, A. Ties That No Longer Bind? Effects and Responsiveness of Party Attachments in a Period of Crises in The Changing German Voter, ed. Schmitt-Beck, Roßteutscher, Schoen, Weßels, Wolf. Cambridge University Press Pre-Print, replication material.
2019 Gärtner, L., Wuttke, A. Eingeschlossen in der Filter-Bubble? Politische
Kommunikations-netzwerke im Wahlkampf
in Roßteutscher et al.: Die Bundestagswahl 2017, Nomos Pre-Print


2019 Wuttke, A.; Schoen, H. Who were the voters behind the Schulz effect? An analysis of voter trajectories in the run-up to the 2017 German federal election in Korte/Schoofs: Die Bundestagswahl 2017, Springer Pre-Print; Original Study;
replication material; run analysis online


2018 Schoen, H.; Wuttke, A.; Kratz, A.; Preißinger, M. Ein Umschwung in den letzten Wochen des Landtagswahl-kampfes: Befunde einer mehrwelligen Wiederholungs-befragung zur niedersächsischen Landtagswahl 2017
Zeitschrift für Parlaments-fragen Study
replication material


2018 Jungherr, A.; Mader, M., Schoen, H.; Wuttke, A.; Context-Driven Attitude Formation:
The Difference Between Supporting Free Trade in the Abstract and Supporting Specific Trade Agreements
Review of Inter-national Political Economy Study [Open Access], replication material
  2016 Jungherr, A.; Finkelnburg, A.; Güldenzopf, R.; Mader, M.; Schoen, H.; Wuttke, A. Wirkung politischer Informationsbriefe in Unterstützung von TTIP Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Download

Methodology and Meta-Research

2020 Wuttke, A. Can we Trust Science and, if so, Why?
Politics and the Life Sciences Pre-Print
2019 Wuttke, A. Why Too Many Political Science Findings Cannot be Trusted and What We Can Do About it: A review of meta-scientific research and a call for institutional reform Politische Viertel-jahresschrift/ German Political Science Quarterly Pre-Print;
Original articleUngated article

Work in Progress 

  • Gärtner, Lea; Wuttke, Alexander; Schoen, Harald: „Who Talks and Who Listens? Two Dimensions of Political Involvement as Moderators of Political Talk“.
  • Jungherr, Andreas; Wuttke, Alexander; Mader, Matthias, Schoen, Harald: „Can Interest Groups Persuade the Public? Evidence from an experiment with parallel field- and survey-conditions“, Blog Post.
  • Wuttke, Alexander [submitted]: „Can we Trust Science and, if so, Why?“, Politics and the Life Sciences, Pre-Print.

Invited Talks

„Why too many social scientific findings cannot be trusted and what we can do about it“, presented at „IKMZ Zurich“, 09/24/2018 in Zurich– Presentation in Zurich

„Testing the power of interest group persuasion – A parallel field- and survey experiment“, presented at „WZB Berlin Social Science Center“, 11/17/2016 in Berlin– Presentation WZB Berlin 2016

Presentations (Selection)

„Soziale Einflüsse auf das Wahlverhalten aus motivationaler
Perspektive“, presented at „DVPW Jahreskongress“, 05/25/2019 in Frankfurt

„Selbstbestimmung als Strukturprinzip menschlicher Motivation und Moderator kommunikativer Kontexteinflüsse in der politischen Domäne“, presented at „DGPuK“, 05/10/2018 in Mannheim

„Dynamische Modellierung von politischen Diskussionsnetzwerken und ihr Einfluss auf das Wahlverhalten im Mehrparteiensystem“, presented at „AK Wahlen“, 05/24/2018 in Berlin (mit Lea Manger, Harald Schoen)

„Comparing evidence from parallel survey and field experiments: The persuasive effect of an interest group mailing“, presented at „Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association“, 04/08/2016 in Chicago-Presentation MPSA 2017

„Towards a Self-determination Theory of Political Motivation: The Influence of Need-Supportive Parenting on Political Engagement“, presented at „ECPR General Conference“, 09/09/2016 in Prague — Paper-Download

„New political parties through the voter´s eyes: Better the devil you don´t know than the devil you do“, presented at „ECPR Graduate Student Conference“, 06/12/2016 in Tartu — Slides-Download, Paper-Download

„Turnout and Electoral Supply“, presented at: „GLES-Young Researchers Network“, 06/11/2015, Cologne — Download

„Der Bandwagon-Effekt: Entscheiden Sonntagsfragen Wahlen? Eine pfadanalytische Untersuchung des Einflusses veröffentlichter Sonntagsfragen auf das Wahlverhalten bei der Bundestagswahl 2013“, Paper presented at:  Meeting of DVPW Sections „Politics and Communications“ & „Elections and Political Attitudes“, 06/06/2014 in Berlin — Download

„Die Partizipationsillusion der Piratenpartei? – Demokratische Mitbestimmungsmöglichkeiten in der Piratenpartei im Kontext des Parteientheorie Robert Michels“ Paper presented at: Meeting of the Association of German Students of Political and Social Sciences, 06/07/2012 in Würzburg.


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