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Populism and Democratic Deconsolidation

cond. accepted Wuttke, A.; Sichart, F; Foos, F. Null Effects of Pro-Democracy Speeches by U.S. Republicans in the Aftermath of January 6th Journal of Experimental Political Science Pre-registration, Pre-Print, Pre-Print, Replication material.
2023 Wuttke. A, Schimpf, C. Schoen, H. Populist Citizens in four European Countries: Widespread Dissatisfaction goes with Contradictory but Pro-democratic Regime Preferences Swiss Political Science Review Study [Open Access], Reproduction material.
2023 Steiner, N., Schimpf C., Wuttke. A- Left behind and united by populism? The multiple roots of populism in feelings of lacking societal recognition German Political Science Quarterly Pre-registration, Pre-Print, Study [Open Access], Replication material.
2021 Wuttke, A., Gavras, K.; Schoen, H. Have Europeans Grown Tired of Democracy? New Evidence from 18 Consolidated Democracies, 1981-2018. British Journal of Political Science Original article [Open Access], Pre-registration, Pre-Print, Replication material, Shiny Web Application.
2020 Wuttke, A., Schimpf, C.; Schoen, H. When the Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts:
On The Concept and Measurement of Populist Attitudes and Other Multi-dimensional Constructs
American Political Science Review Original article [Open Access], Pre-Print, Replication material, Shiny Web Application.
2020 Wuttke, A., Gavras, K.; Schoen, H. Leader of the Free World or Pioneer in Democracy’s Decline?
Examining the Democratic Deconsolidation Hypothesis on the Mass Level in East and West Germany
Research & Politics Original article [Open Access], Replication material.
2019 Wuttke, A. New political parties through the voters’ eyes West European Politics Pre-Print;
Original article,
Replication Material

Political Motivation: Citizen Engagement with and within Liberal Democracy

2021 Wuttke, A. The Pleasure Principle: Why (Some) People Develop a Taste for Politics – Evidence from a pre-registered experiment Politics and the Life Sciences Original article, Pre-registration,  Replication material, Pre-Print.
2019 Wuttke, A. Political engagement’s non-political roots:
Examining the role of need-supportive parenting in the political domain
Motivation and Emotion Original article, Ungated article,  Replication material, Pre-Print.


2017 Wuttke, A. When the world around you is changing: Investigating the Influence of Alienation and Indifference on Voter Turnout in Voters and Voting in Context, Oxford University Press Pre-Print, Book at Oxford Scholarship OnlineOnline-Appendix, replication material
2018 Wuttke, A.; Jungherr, A.; Schoen, H. More than opinion expression: Secondary effects of intra-party referendums on party members Party Politics Study, Pre-Print, Study website, DeFacto blogsurvey data, replication material
  2013 Wuttke, A. Die Prekarität des Partizipations-versprechens der Piratenpartei  in „Protest und Demokratie“, tredition.  Download

Electoral Studies and Political Attitudes

2023 Kostelka, F.; Krejcová, E.; Sauger, N.; Wuttke, A. Election Frequency and Voter Turnout Comparative Political Studies Study
2021 Jungherr, A.; Wuttke, A.; Mader, M.; Schoen, H. A source like any other? Field-and survey-experimental evidence on how interest groups shape public opinion Journal of Communication Study [Open Access], Pre-Registration Study 2, Pre-Registration Study 3, replication material.
2020 Gärtner, L.; Wuttke, A.; Schoen, H. Who Talks and Who Listens? How Political Involvement Influences the Potential for Democratic Deliberation in Everyday Political Talk Journal of Deliberative Democracy Study [Open Access], Pre-Print, replication material.
2020 Gärtner, L.; Schoen, H.; Wuttke, A. Ties That No Longer Bind? Effects and Responsiveness of Party Attachments in a Period of Crises in The Changing German Voter, ed. Schmitt-Beck, Roßteutscher, Schoen, Weßels, Wolf. Cambridge University Press Pre-Print, replication material.
2019 Gärtner, L., Wuttke, A. Eingeschlossen in der Filter-Bubble? Politische
Kommunikations-netzwerke im Wahlkampf
in Roßteutscher et al.: Die Bundestagswahl 2017, Nomos Pre-Print


2019 Wuttke, A.; Schoen, H. Who were the voters behind the Schulz effect? An analysis of voter trajectories in the run-up to the 2017 German federal election in Korte/Schoofs: Die Bundestagswahl 2017, Springer Pre-Print; Original Study;
replication material; run analysis online


2018 Schoen, H.; Wuttke, A.; Kratz, A.; Preißinger, M. Ein Umschwung in den letzten Wochen des Landtagswahl-kampfes: Befunde einer mehrwelligen Wiederholungs-befragung zur niedersächsischen Landtagswahl 2017
Zeitschrift für Parlaments-fragen Study
replication material


2018 Jungherr, A.; Mader, M., Schoen, H.; Wuttke, A.; Context-Driven Attitude Formation:
The Difference Between Supporting Free Trade in the Abstract and Supporting Specific Trade Agreements
Review of Inter-national Political Economy Study [Open Access], replication material
  2016 Jungherr, A.; Finkelnburg, A.; Güldenzopf, R.; Mader, M.; Schoen, H.; Wuttke, A. Wirkung politischer Informationsbriefe in Unterstützung von TTIP Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Download

Methodology and Meta-Research

2022 Breznau, N., Rinke, E., Wuttke, A. et al. Observing Many Researchers Using the Same Data and Hypothesis Reveals a Hidden Universe of Uncertainty
PNAS Article [Open Access], Pre-Print, Commentary, Reply 1, Response to Reply 1, Reply 2, Response to Reply 2
2021 Bucher, H. et al. The GLES Open Science Challenge 2021 in Hindsight: Experiences Gained and Lessons Learned
German Political Science Quarterly Article [Open Access]
2021 Rinke, E. Wuttke, A. Open Minds, Open Methods: Transparency and Inclusion in Pursuit of Better Scholarship
PS: Political Science & Politics Article [Open Access]
2020 Wuttke, A. Can we Trust Science and, if so, Why?
Politics and the Life Sciences Article [Open Access], Pre-Print
2019 Wuttke, A. Why Too Many Political Science Findings Cannot be Trusted and What We Can Do About it: A review of meta-scientific research and a call for institutional reform Politische Viertel-jahresschrift/ German Political Science Quarterly Pre-Print,
Original articleUngated article

Editorial work 

  • Rinke, E., Breznau., N., Wuttke, A. et al.: „Opening Political Science“, Symposium in PS: Political Science & Politics.

Work in Progress / under review

  • Wuttke, A.; Foos, F. „Making the Case for Democracy“, Pre-registration, Pre-Print.
  • Wuttke, A.; Sichart, F.; Foos, F. „Null Effects of Pro-Democracy Speeches by U.S. Republicans in the Aftermath of January 6th“, Pre-Print, Pre-registration, Reproduction material.
  • Schimpf, C., Wuttke, A., Schoen, H. „Neither a trait nor wildly fluctuating: on the stability of populist attitudes and its implications for empirical research“. 
  • Schimpf, C., Wuttke, A., Schoen, H. „Populist Citizens and Democracy“. 
  • Breznau, N.; Rinke, E.; Wuttke, A. et al.: „Observing many researchers with the same data and hypothesis reveals the hidden universe of data analysis“, Presentation, Pre-Print.
  • Breznau, N.; Rinke, E.; Wuttke, A. et al.: „How Many Replicators Does It Take to Achieve Reliability? Investigating Researcher Variability in a Crowdsourced Replication“, Pre-Print.
  • Wuttke, A.; Breznau, N.; Rinke, E.: „Deliberative Research: Can Reasoned Debate Improve the Scientific Process?“, Pre-registration.
  • Kostelka, Filip; Krejcová, Eva; Sauger, Nicolas; Wuttke, Alexander: “Democracy, Votes, and Participation: The Effect of Election Frequency on Voter Turnout”.
  • Wuttke, A.: “Conceptualizing motivational pathways to political engagement: A test of self-determination theory in the political domain”, Replication material, Pre-Print.

Invited Talks

“Are citizens turning away from democracy?”, University of Gothenburg, 30/03/2021.

“Open Social Science A Primer on Conducting Transparent and Reliable Research”, V-DEM Institute, 29/04/2020, Slides.

„Open Science: Warum wir Forschungsbefunden oft nicht trauen können und was wir dagegen tun können“, presented at Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, 11/23/2018 in Heidelberg.

„Why too many social scientific findings cannot be trusted and what we can do about it“, presented at „IKMZ Zurich“, 09/24/2018 in Zurich– Presentation in Zurich

„Testing the power of interest group persuasion – A parallel field- and survey experiment“, presented at „WZB Berlin Social Science Center“, 11/17/2016 in Berlin– Presentation WZB Berlin 2016

Presentations (Selection)

„Soziale Einflüsse auf das Wahlverhalten aus motivationaler
Perspektive“, presented at „DVPW Jahreskongress“, 05/25/2019 in Frankfurt

„Selbstbestimmung als Strukturprinzip menschlicher Motivation und Moderator kommunikativer Kontexteinflüsse in der politischen Domäne“, presented at „DGPuK“, 05/10/2018 in Mannheim

„Dynamische Modellierung von politischen Diskussionsnetzwerken und ihr Einfluss auf das Wahlverhalten im Mehrparteiensystem“, presented at „AK Wahlen“, 05/24/2018 in Berlin (mit Lea Manger, Harald Schoen)

„Comparing evidence from parallel survey and field experiments: The persuasive effect of an interest group mailing“, presented at „Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association“, 04/08/2016 in Chicago-Presentation MPSA 2017

„Towards a Self-determination Theory of Political Motivation: The Influence of Need-Supportive Parenting on Political Engagement“, presented at „ECPR General Conference“, 09/09/2016 in Prague — Paper-Download

„New political parties through the voter´s eyes: Better the devil you don´t know than the devil you do“, presented at „ECPR Graduate Student Conference“, 06/12/2016 in Tartu — Slides-Download, Paper-Download

„Turnout and Electoral Supply“, presented at: „GLES-Young Researchers Network“, 06/11/2015, Cologne — Download

„Der Bandwagon-Effekt: Entscheiden Sonntagsfragen Wahlen? Eine pfadanalytische Untersuchung des Einflusses veröffentlichter Sonntagsfragen auf das Wahlverhalten bei der Bundestagswahl 2013“, Paper presented at:  Meeting of DVPW Sections „Politics and Communications“ & „Elections and Political Attitudes“, 06/06/2014 in Berlin — Download

„Die Partizipationsillusion der Piratenpartei? – Demokratische Mitbestimmungsmöglichkeiten in der Piratenpartei im Kontext des Parteientheorie Robert Michels“ Paper presented at: Meeting of the Association of German Students of Political and Social Sciences, 06/07/2012 in Würzburg.


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