Move to Munich

Beginning this week, I will be Professor of Digitalization and Political Behavior at LMU Munich. I am Juniorprofessor on Tenure Track and motivated to contribute to an already excellent political science department.

The LMU political science department is named in honor of Hans and Sophie Scholl. In a time when many at the university had adapted to the totalitarian Nazi regime or actively promoted the national-socialist ideology, Hans and Sophie Scholl distributed Anti-nazi-leaflets in the university halls. When the housekeeper discovered their activities, they were imprisoned and sentenced to death by Guillotine. You can find the leaflets in German language here. Working at the Geschwister-Scholl-Institute, I want to take their examples as a reminder of the ideals that we should aspire to as political scientists and democracy researchers. 

Moving to Munich for this new position is kind of a dream come true. An exciting time lies ahead and I am looking forward to meeting all the new colleagues and students. And to discover the Alps.

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