[MZES 2019] Open Social Science Conference: Practicing New Standards in Research Integrity and Reproducibility

Open Science refers to a broad, transdisciplinary movement aiming to open up research processes to promote the integrity, reproducibility and value of scholarly work, in part as a response to pressing problems facing science. This movement thoroughly changed the field of psychology, and clearly a similar fundamental rearrangement is coming in all social sciences, for example political science, sociology, and communication.

With Nate Breznau and Eike Rinke, I have the pleasure of organizing  a meta-scientific conference, which discusses, advances and pushes for Open Science in research on politics and society.

Find preliminary information on our website.

Mannheim, Jan 25th-27th 2019.

Conference structure
Stream 1: Advancing Open Science: Problems in and solutions for research on politics and society
Stream 2: Doing Open Science: Applications in research on politics on society
Stream 3: Debating Open Science: Perspectives on the State of Social Science
Pre-registration challenge
Crowdsourced replication effort
BITSS Workshop on reproducible research

Key note speakers
Jeremy Freese (Stanford University)
Thomas König (APSR, University of Mannheim)
Arthur Lupia (OSF, University of Michigan)
Julia Rohrer (100% CI, Uni Leipzig)

How to participate
In June, we will distribute the CfP and information on the crowdsourced replication effort and the pre-registration challenge.

Follow us on twitter: @opensocsci

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